mercredi 29 novembre 2006

Neutral vs affective relationships

-Should emotion be exhibited in business relations?
-Is emotion a corrupting influence on objectivity and reason?
-In Hofstede´s model, the willingness to express emotion is seen as part of uncertainty avoidance.
-It concerns the different contexts and ways that cultures choose to express emotions. In affective cultures, expressing emotions openly is more „natural“, whereas in more neutral cultures people believe that emotions should be held in check so as not to cloud issues or give the appearance of being out of control.
  1. Neutral
    •Opaque emotional state
    •Do not readily express what they think or feel
    •Embarrassed or awkward at public displays of emotion
    •Discomfort with physical contact outside „private“ circle
    •Subtle in verbal and non-verbal expressions
  2. Affective
    •Show immediate reactions either verbally or non-verbally
    •Expressive face and body signals
    •At ease with physical contact
    •Raise voice readily

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